The 9 Habits for a Highly Effective Oral Health Care Regimen

Having an effective oral health care routine involves more than just brushing the teeth and keeping them clean since the mouth has more than just teeth, proper care needs to be taken to ensure that every part of it is given adequate importance. The following are a few suggestions that can help you in developing necessary Habits for a Highly Effective Oral Health Care Regimen:

  • Analysing Essentials of Personal Oral Health

Being aware of any changes in oral health conditions such as bad breath, sensitive teeth, the emergence of cyst in mouth etc, and seek expert help when uncertain without delay or hesitation, as procrastinating or ignoring such symptoms can result in worsening the condition beyond help.

  • Designing an Oral Health Care Routine and Following it

It is essential to habituate yourself to the routine that you have devised with your oral health care provider and ensure all subsequent tasks involving maintenance of oral hygiene are followed without foregoing any procedure on a constant basis until achieving necessary conclusion or when incurring changes during a future consultation.

  • Fluoride’s role in Oral Health Care routine for both Young and Old

Fluoride plays an essential role in oral health care regardless of differences in age, it helps strengthen growing teeth among young while preventing tooth decay among elders. Its benefits vary in accordance with quantity used, however, it’s important to understand that too much of fluoride can be harmful, thus it is recommended to consult your dentist on the amount needed. Toothpaste and mouthwash contain fluoride per se, but drinking water likewise is added with a minor amount, but if you are unsure about the quantity or think it’s missing it is suggested to inquire your water supplier.

  • Requisite for Sustaining Oral Hygiene – Periodic Brushing, Flossing and Rinsing

It is ideal to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day to sustain minimum oral hygiene. However, if you are planning to maintain your set of teeth until you see your great grandkids then a lot more effort is necessary. The best method is to brush your teeth after every meal as it removes any food residues stuck to your teeth, timely flossing can help remove the hard to reach particles while rinsing with a mouthwash every so often can keep your breath fresh and avoid accumulation of unpleasant odour in your mouth. Meticulous care in upkeeping oral hygiene can help prevent gum diseases, plaque, tooth decay, and a host of different periodontal diseases which may inhibit you from enjoying your favourite dish just because it’s too hard for your teeth to bite.

  • Well Balanced Diet Regimen with Snack Restrictions

Just like any other organ in the human body the teeth have a set of food products which are beneficial to it such as dairy products which are high in calcium, bananas which are high in potassium, vegetables filled with vitamins and finally fruits with a lower in sugar content. Food products that could jeopardize your oral health regimen are mostly high in sugar and starch content, these easily stick to your teeth and turn into acids that rapidly cause tooth decay. Thus, brushing and rinsing after a dose of such goodies is mandatory.

  • Abstaining use of Tobacco and Related Products

Consuming tobacco or related products significantly harms your oral health, the most visible damage is discolouring of teeth, however, this damage is superficial in comparison to a host of underlying problem tobacco causes within your mouth and body. Prolonged use of tobacco increases your chances of succumbing to oral cancer, gum disease, bad breath and several diseases with varying levels of severity from minor to fatal.

  • Checking Oral Hygiene on a regular interval

It’s always a good habit to watch your mouth, not in a literal sense but in an actual sense. Whenever brushing, flossing or rinsing take some time to observe your oral health, familiarize yourself with it so you can take action whenever an abnormality is detected. A minor ulcer can be prevented from turning into a cancer tumour if detected early. Consult your dentist whenever in doubt or when you detect an anomaly.

  • Showing Up for a Dental Appointment Every So Often

Health providers recommend you check your eyes every year at least once when you wear an optical, but oral health should be checked at least once every quarter of a year, this requirement is essential without any barrier of age. Our diet has undergone a phenomenal change when compared to what it was a few decades ago, even the food we consume has undergone multiple chemical treatments, thus our mouth as the channel where everything starts sustains the most harm. Although the damage can be controlled using effective oral health measures it’s still vital to get an expert’s advice every so often to avoid a future complication.

  • Reaching a Consensus with your Dentist

Forming a consensus with your dentist is essential in a long term treatment plan for you and your family. Constant care is never harmful if it can help avoid future complications. Consulting the dentist about your oral health condition and any necessary procedures involved with it should be carried without hesitation. Ignoring and procrastinating won’t reduce the treatment cost rather it may possibly lead to a rise in cost and degree of complexity of treatment.

Your dentist can help ease your worries regarding all your oral health concerns and following the steps above can assist you in preserving your smile with all teeth intact for a long time to come, but if you are still having trouble making decisions feel free to fix an appointment with us at V.V Dental Implants Hospital, we are happy to provide you aid.

Metal VS Ceramic Braces Treatment

Dental Bracers

Yearning to have a celebrity like smile with neatly aligned teeth is a very reasonable wish, having crooked teeth or an irregular bite not only affects the jaw, appearance and speech but also increases the risk of suffering from a plethora of oral diseases. Its symptoms appear at a very early age and a prompt correction can help avoid some future problems. Often the importance of undergoing treatment to correct teeth alignment is grossly underestimated, assuming it to be a mere cosmetic surgery if these irregularities don’t affect daily life other than enduring minor speech difficulties or unappealing appearance. Sometimes, crooked teeth & irregular bite appear due to an accident or under influence of certain habits. Although it may seem harmless in short term it has the potential to develop into a chronic problem over the long term. In Anna Nager, V.V Dental Hospitals team of orthodontists are experts in handling such correction treatment. Utilizing up-to-date equipment’s and techniques these defects are treated on a case-by-case basis while providing appropriate options to select the material for retainers and braces according to an individual’s taste.

Metal & Ceramics rank among the most popular choice of material for braces that hospitals and clinics in and around Kilpauk prescribe. Metal braces are mostly recommended in cases of children thanks to its durability and lower price of maintenance and replacement, while adults mostly prefer the ceramic ones as it is more expensive, delicate and visually appealing. Metal braces are cheaper, sturdier and require lesser treatment time in comparison to ceramic ones, metal braces have been used to align teeth for the past 100 years. Thus, it is often recommended for those who aren’t allergic to metals, engage in strenuous activities, place emphasis on a cheaper price, care less about appearance and find brace maintenance as a daunting task.

Ceramic braces are mostly preferred among adults as they are often found to be more responsible and patient while maintaining the brace, adults also prefer ceramic brace as it blends well becoming nearly invisible in the mouth, unlike metal braces which stand-out and may cause an individual to feel embarrassed. However, ceramic braces as marginally expensive in comparison to metal ones. Treatment period for correction can last from 6 months up to 2 years, thus it is essential to make an informed decision according to individuals requirements and budget, feel free to fix an appointment with V.V. Hospital’s dentists in Anna Nagar and get yourself the celebrity smile.

Orthodontics Treatment for Kids and Teens

clear_alignersOrthodontic treatment for children and teens may vary according to the degree of severity and age.  Braces and aligners are used for kids and teens when it is necessary to straighten those crooked teeth. While Kids don’t have much of a choice, teenagers may feel reluctant & embarrassed to wear braces as it stands out whenever they smile and are more likely to opt for retainers which are less visible. An orthodontic assessment is advised for kids between 7-13 as symptoms of an irregular bite or crooked teeth being to appear at an earlier age, this is also the most optimum period as treatment is easier compared to when they grow up. Kids teeth are more malleable thus easier to provide correction, as they grow older the teeth become sturdier and less malleable.

V.V Dental Hospital ranks amongst the best dental care provider in Anna Nagar, whether in Kilpauk or in Mogappair you are welcome to drop-by our dental clinic for an assessment. Our orthodontist can help in assessing the right device for your kid or teen according to their requirement. At, V.V Dental Clinic in Kilpauk we provide a wide range of braces and aligner options to choose from, be it colour, or material get a retainer which suits them, so they can flaunt their style without feeling embarrassed. Our team of orthodontic specialist can treat patients regardless of young or old, but, if an assurance is necessary, we also have special pediatric dentists who excel at handing orthodontic cases of the young ones. Visit us as it’s our job to give your loved one a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic Retainers for Teeth

Dental Clinic in KilpaukAlthough having a perfect face or a perfect smile, may not determine success in life, it still instills a minor sense of confidence to those having it. There are various types of smiles that are used to express emotions like the happy smile, sad smile, confident smile, shy smile, amiable smile and sometimes that annoying smile. We consider all types smile to be precious, requiring protection and caring, having imperfections in it is not just a simple problem of appearance but an issue which could cause severe health implications if neglected. Proper dental care habits should be inculcated since childhood, to avoid future oral health issues.

Having an imperfect or crooked tooth can leave a shadow in one’s confidence, though these issues generally appear in childhood once milk teeth fall, it can also appear in adults under special circumstances like an accident. Age shouldn’t be a barrier to opt for availing treatment of these malformations. At V.V Dental Clinic in Kilpauk with a team of some of the best dentists in Anna Nagar, we provide treatment for both adults and children, so they can retain a smile free from these imperfections.

Fix an appointment or walk-in to our dental clinic in Kilpauk and have some of the best dentists & pediatric dentists in Anna Nagar to install retainers to correct your or your child’s misaligned teeth. Depending on the need, a fixed or a removable retainer would be prescribed for treatment, the retainer is made using either plastic or metal and prices vary depending on the material. Constant care, proper maintenance and frequent use of retainer are necessary to bring teeth to its proper position. For a removable retainer, precautions must be taken to avoid damages from improper handling & storage and avoid misplacing it when removed. Clean it regularly and only remove when necessary like when involved in intense physical activity, eating or brushing the teeth. For fixed retainers maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance, proper brushing and flossing is necessary since it is easy for food particles to get trapped between teeth and retainer. Fixed retainers can sometimes work loose or get damaged accidentally but our best dentists & pediatric dentists in Anna Nagar are here to fix it when necessary. Once installed it is necessary to drop-by at our dental hospital in Kilpauk periodically at a fixed interval till the teeth get aligned perfectly for both fixed and removable retainers.

Your Kids form Good Oral Hygiene Habits

How to help your kids form good oral hygiene habits?

Is everyday morning a tug-of-war game in your home?  Your little one finds all means to stay away while you want them to brush? That’s quite a situation in many households today which we give few ways to curb it. We give you some of the fun means you can deploy to make your kids’ oral habits easy and interesting.

Kids’ Toothpaste

Many FMCG giants produce toothpaste exclusively for kids like Barbie, bubblegum, spider man and many others that will make this a more playful habit and they will be excited to do this. This also saves them from the burning sensation caused by toothpaste used by adults. You can get them a flavor every month that also increases their excitement for variety.

Set a good example

Kids are a reflection of their parents. They do whatever you do.  This goes as simple as not eating chocolates just before bedtime, brushing two times a day, taking nutrition rich diet. Also, create a positive outlook on your regular dental visits. Never create a negative or bad image that scares them away from those visits.

Reward them

There is nothing as flattering as a reward or a gift to a child. Encourage them to maintain good oral hygiene and reward them for doing so. This is a very good motivation for them to do so. Reward them with stickers, stars and even a miniscule amount of cash that also helps them teach the habit of saving.

Orthodontic treatment

A smile can brighten someone’s day, it can also frighten people away. If you feel that yours is the second type than its advisable to visit an Orthodontist, not for aesthetics but for health reasons. An Orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in aligning teeth, but not all dentists are Orthodontist. Having crooked teeth or misaligned bite not only puts a dent in your confidence but also leaves space for future health complications. Orthodontic treatment is provided to make your teeth straight and improve oral function.

Some common orthodontic problems include:   



Crowding occurs when teeth lack space to fit within the jaw. The teeth are twisted or displaced which prevents proper cleaning on all surfaces of teeth promoting teeth decay. It increases the chances of gum disease and makes your smile less attractive.

Excessive Spacing

Excessive Spacing

Excessive Spacing is an abnormality caused when there is more space between teeth than necessary. Excessive gaps leave the gums vulnerable to periodontal disease and loosing of teeth. Excessive spacing can cause people to become less confident or conscious of it, whenever they smile.



Crossbite occurs when a single or multiple tooth in the upper jaw bite inside the lower teeth rather than the sides. This causes misalignment of jaw leading to tooth decay, gum disease, headache, chronic jaw, neck, shoulder and back pain.

Open bite

Open bite

Overbite occurs then upper and lower front teeth don’t meet each other when mouth is closed. Open bite leads to speech difficulty and affects appearance when smiling



Overbite occurs when the upper front teeth bite too deeply over lower front teeth. Sometimes this causes lower front teeth to bite into roof of mouth and results in abnormal jaw size.



Underbite occurs when lower front teeth protrude over upper front teeth. Underbite leads to abnormal jaw growth, speech difficulties, chronic jaw pain, snoring, and breathing difficulties.



Overjet appears when upper front teeth extend too far or lower front teeth doesn’t extend far enough. Overjet can make people to feel conscious about their appearance, having a buck-tooth like smile.

Abnormal Eruption

Abnormal Eruption

Abnormal Eruption occurs when a tooth appears from gum in a wrong place. Abnormal eruption can lead to impaction where a tooth is unable to fully grow being blocked by other tooth, causing pain in the process.

If you suffer from any of the above its recommended you fix an appointment with VV dental hospital an orthodontist. It can vary form a minor correction surgery to a more complex procedure.

Orthodontic treatment in general is provided with the help of:

Dental Bracers

Dental Bracers

Dental bracer is a device used to align and straighten teeth according to a person’s bite. They help correct orthodontic problems and can be cosmetic or structural. An orthodontist is necessary to install and remove this device.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligner has a similar function to a dental bracer, but it is transparent, removable and doesn’t stand out. It is used for lesser complex orthodontic treatment.



Orthodontic Retainers are custom made wires or plastic, used to position teeth after a dental surgery to avoid relapse of abnormal teeth growth.

Good Oral Hygiene Habits

In all your life you can only lose it once, then nature gifts you a second chance to treasure it more. Unlike nails or hair, your tooth never gets a third chance, but follows you lifelong if you take good care of it. Having good oral hygiene habits can help you preserve your teeth until the end and avoid having to suffer through “I wish I could have a bite of it” problem in the future. If tooth isn’t taken care of, then at some point of time your smile will miss your teeth, people will maintain a safe distance from you when you speak, you will maintain safe distance from foods that are too hot, too cold or too sweet. VV dental hospital can help you avoid such hassle and have a confident smile. Habits are difficult to cultivate, especially oral habits, you can maintain the right weight by stop eating junk foods, but you can’t stop eating to keep your teeth clean.

Developing a good oral hygiene isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You already brush your teeth every day, just do so before you go to bed too. Use of soft bristle brush is recommended as it doesn’t injure the gums. Understanding how to use brush is equally important to avoid gum disease, use your time gently brush in circular motion to remove plaque. After brushing the teeth, brush the tongue as well, it holds most bacteria that causes bad breath. When choosing a toothpaste opt for one with fluoride as it prevents tooth decay. After brushing remember to floss, it’s understandable that the process is tedious and time consuming but to keep a full set of teeth when you are 70 it’s a small sacrifice. To keep your breath fresh drink a lot of water, and after every meal use a mouthwash. Mouthwash can reach those hard-to-reach places and neutralize the acids that causes cavity in teeth. Eat foods which have a crunch to it and gives your jaw a workout like fruits and vegetables high in fibres but low in acid and sugar.

Finally, visit a Pediatric dentist in Anna nagar twice every year, even if you don’t have any problem. According to National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research most oral cancers are first identified by dentist on course of a routine check-up.

Conventional Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Having crooked teeth or an abnormal bite can hamper your beautiful smile, but sometimes it is necessary to hamper the teeth, so you can get a celebrity smile. Orthodontic treatment provided VV dental clinic in Kilpauk to correct these malformations vary according to different needs. Most common choice is between Conventional braces and Clear aligners; both these orthodontic devices provide different advantage and setbacks. If classified according to different standards your choice depends upon lifestyle, appearance, hygiene, material, comfort and price.

Conventional Braces are a little omnipotent, it could be used from the simplest to the most complex orthodontic treatment. If you are planning an orthodontic treatment for your 10-year-old kid, a conventional brace is your choice. If it’s a teen or an adult, it depends on lifestyle, if the person in question is the type who often forgets where they keep their stuff, then conventional braces again is your right option. Wearing conventional braces can make a few grown-ups feel embarrassed, about how they appear, they fear becoming target of joke among colleagues. It’s understandable, nobody likes being told that they got their mouth chained cause they speak too much. But, on the bright side conventional braces are now available in all colours and material, you can make it a fashion statement that suits you, and flash it with pride. The price of conventional brace depends on the material in most cases, clear aligners are known to be on the expensive side but depending on material and type your conventional brace can cost more than an ordinary clear aligner. The real downside for a conventional brace is hygiene and comfort. Conventional braces place limits on the type of things you eat, too firm or sticky and there is a chance that the brace may come off. It may cause irritation inside cheeks and lips, soreness on teeth due to periodic adjustment, may come-off accidently when you least expect it to or just find it irritating to have food particles getting stuck in between braces. Maintaining oral hygiene is tough with braces, brushing and flossing can become a challenge, and finally when the braces are removed the tooth is discoloured. Teeth whitening is another treatment which must be taken once the braces are removed so all the teeth appear the same.


Clear Aligner on the other hand provides both comfort and hygiene. It is removable thus, there is no fear of it coming off when you least expect it to, you can brush and floss with ease and eat all types of food without worry. Clear aligners are like spectacles, you must constantly wear it (22 hours recommended) but it can be removed and cleaned. Price of clear aligners varies according to material, the more you want to hide your clear aligner the higher the price, as it blends with your teeth becoming near invisible and fitting comfortably in your mouth. In case of conventional braces, the orthodontist tweaks the braces periodically until the teeth come in position, but clear aligners need to be replaced every session until the teeth come in position, thus the price can be on the higher side, but it can be easily replaced and you don’t have to suffer the pain of putting on conventional brace in case of loss or accident. If you are a working adult and feel the “Ugly Betty” look would affect your confidence at workplace clear aligner is your right choice. As long as the orthodontic treatment isn’t too complex you will have the choice to opt for clear aligners. If you are the type who treasures commemorative trinkets, then you can even collect your clear aligners from different sessions as a memory for your soon to be celebrity smile, that’s something you can’t do with conventional braces.