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Braces / Aligners

orthodonticsBraces are used to correct irregular teeth with metal or ceramic brackets.

In most case braces are fitted between the ages of 11 and 13 years, but is some case the Orthodontist will recommend “Myofunctional Appliances” at ages between 6 and 8 years which makes the later treatment simpler and less experience. Tooth coloured ceramic brackets are gaining popularity over the conventional metal brackets since they are less noticeable.

We also specialize is lingual Orthodontics, where the brackets are fitted to the inner surfaces of the teeth and are out of sight.

A smile from a few can brighten the day, a smile from a few can also frighten people away. Smile or more precisely the teeth play a very vital role in everyday life, without which chewing food and speaking coherently can become challenging. Proper oral care methods are often imparted to children at a very young age. Even if they fail to understand it early on, life gives them a second chance thanks to milk teeth with which they are born.

Once the milk teeth fall, real problem begins to appear in form of cavities, dental erosion, gum problems, tooth alignment problems etc., solving these problems at an earlier stage can help avoid future troubles. Children’s tooth needs to be handled in a delicate way as they are less sturdy than an adult’s. At, VV Dental hospital we have some of the best Pediatric dentists in Anna Nagar to take care of dental problems in children. Our Dentist and Dental clinic count among the best practitioners with the latest techniques and equipment are around Mogappair and Anna Nagar’s neighbourhood.

If you live around Anna Nagar or Mogappair with kids suffering from a toothache or misaligned teeth problems, drop by for a consultation session with our Pediatric Dentists. Irregular teeth or misaligned teeth are common problems children face once their new teeth grow. It can be caused due to habits like thumb sucking, accidental dislocation of the jaw, irregular growth of teeth etc., some of these problems get neglected under the assumption of an aesthetic defect which doesn’t require correction as long as it doesn’t hinder functioning. These defects have a delayed effect which manifests itself with the advancement of age. Visiting our Pediatric dentists in Anna Nagar for a short session will save the trouble of undergoing correction procedures at a later stage, as often adults complain about bracers and aligners being embarrassing to wear in comparison to children.

VV Dental Hospital

VV Dental Hospital