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My recommendation

I am Senthil Kumar from Madurai and staying in Chennai Velachery over 6 months for my career purpose. Few weeks back, I got tooth pain and my mom suggested me some natural way but the pain doesn’t reduce. I asked my roommate and he recommended me V V Dental Clinic in Chrompet.
When I reached V V Dental Clinic, I was shocked to see a dental clinic that is maintained in a very good manner. Also, I got quality treatment at affordable cost. Now, I too would recommend VV Dental clinic to everyone.

-Senthil Kumar,Chennai

Delighted to visit VV Dental Clinic

I am Siva Kumar settled in USA over 10 years. I visited India (Chennai) after 4 years and took my father for dental checkup to the clinic named VV Dental care, at that time, I couldn’t imagine that I am in Chennai because in each and every thing from maintenance to world class service and care, the clinic has a foreign touch. The only difference I found in VV Dental care is its cost. In USA, heavy cost will be charged for tooth related treatments but here the charge is reasonable.

-Siva Kumar,USA

I am staying at Pallavaram and very happy to have a well reputed VV Dental clinic in my near location Chrompet. It is not a normal clinic with just one room. Further, VV Dental clinic is well advanced with modern equipments and the doctors here handle latest techniques in an efficient way.

-Gautham, Chennai.

Grateful to VV Dental Clinic

I am Stephen from Canada. I have been avoiding implant treatment for years due to fear. Friend of mine suggested me VV dental clinic in Chennai. On hearing his words, I decided to take up the implant treatment at VV dental clinic since I am very much aware that Chennai is good for health care treatment.
After reaching VV dental clinic, I gained cent% confidence that I have landed in a perfect place. Being a foreign visitor, I found difficulty in communication everywhere but in VV Dental clinic, the staffs guided me well. With advanced equipments, the surgeon carried out implant treatment in much easier way. I am more grateful to Dr.Arumugam and his team for giving me a comfortable and high quality treatment.

-Stephen, Canada

My visit to VV Dental clinic for the first time was very interesting and stress free too. Having an experienced doctor like Dr.Arumugam is a pleasant experience. I took my whole family for complete dental checkup to VV Dental clinic.

-Reshmi, Malaysia

Appreciating their work

I am Ravi Kumar staying in UK. Always I used to tell my father that UK is best in everything because In Chennai, even appointment system is not properly handled. My father told not to conclude with wrong assumption unless knowing about VV Dental Clinic. When I visited India, I want to check how far the appointment procedure is taken care in the mentioned clinic. So, I fixed an appointment with Dr.Arumugam and to my surprise, I was allowed at the exact time. Another shocking thing is the clinic’s clean and hygienic atmosphere. I said to my father that the clinic should actually be in UK not in Chennai.

– Ravi Kumar, UK

VV Dental Hospital

VV Dental Hospital