Your Kids form Good Oral Hygiene Habits

How to help your kids form good oral hygiene habits?

Is everyday morning a tug-of-war game in your home?  Your little one finds all means to stay away while you want them to brush? That’s quite a situation in many households today which we give few ways to curb it. We give you some of the fun means you can deploy to make your kids’ oral habits easy and interesting.

Kids’ Toothpaste

Many FMCG giants produce toothpaste exclusively for kids like Barbie, bubblegum, spider man and many others that will make this a more playful habit and they will be excited to do this. This also saves them from the burning sensation caused by toothpaste used by adults. You can get them a flavor every month that also increases their excitement for variety.

Set a good example

Kids are a reflection of their parents. They do whatever you do.  This goes as simple as not eating chocolates just before bedtime, brushing two times a day, taking nutrition rich diet. Also, create a positive outlook on your regular dental visits. Never create a negative or bad image that scares them away from those visits.

Reward them

There is nothing as flattering as a reward or a gift to a child. Encourage them to maintain good oral hygiene and reward them for doing so. This is a very good motivation for them to do so. Reward them with stickers, stars and even a miniscule amount of cash that also helps them teach the habit of saving.