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oral_surgeryDr. N.V. Aurumugam is an experienced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who deals with all oral surgical needs of patients such as extraction of teeth, placement of dental implants, cyst removals, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, and surgeries to correct facial deformities.

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It is very important that one maintains their teeth, keeps it healthy and nourished, so that gum problems, plaque, other germs do not get your mouth infected. Care should be taken at a very young age. Children should be taught about the basic maintenance of their teeth and how important it is to do so. A periodical check-up is necessary which involves cleaning, mouth cleansing and other dental care.

Is wisdom tooth a problem?

One of the most common problems that most adults face is the problem of having a wisdom tooth. This usually happens without any warning and so not many would want to get rid of it. They are the third-molars in the mouth, located at the back of the mouth and probably the last teeth to come out. There are certain symptoms that will let a person know if they need to extract the wisdom tooth. Some of the symptoms are pain in the jawbone, ear and the head. Usually there is pain as the wisdom teeth protrudes out and pushes against the adjacent teeth. There will be swelling and inflammation around the wisdom-tooth area, and the molars will be sensitive. Bad breath occurs, mostly due to the infection of the wisdom tooth. Cysts are usually formed around the molars in such cases, and since there is pressure from the wisdom teeth, it may cause sinus too.

Should it be removed?

It is advisable to have the wisdom teeth removed if a person experiences such unpleasant conditions in their mouth. Consulting the dentist and taking proper care and treatment of the wisdom tooth is necessary. A qualified oral surgeon should help in extracting the wisdom tooth and in the administration of IV anesthesia.

VV Dental Hospital

VV Dental Hospital