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Gum Diseases

gum_diseasesGum diseases or infections is one of the commonest infections in the human body and gum surgery helps your gums to return to health.

In V.V. DENTAL HOSPITAL, a specialist called the periodontist provides all periodontal services such as periodontal surgery, bone and soft tissue grafting.

We also carry out advanced splinting techniquest to stabilize shaky teeth particularly for the front teeth.

Do you take care of your gums?

At an early stage, we are taught to take care of our teeth and ensure proper maintenance of our gums. Most of us follow them even now, while some of them may have looked over it due to the business that life has caught us in. But it is very important and necessary that you take care of your teeth and gums. Unhealthy habits such as untimely eating habits, not brushing before going to bed at night, not washing and rinsing your mouth, cleaning it will cause problems in the long run and may turn out to be a bigger complication if not taken care of properly. It is much advisable that you go for dental check-ups, recommended attest once in every six months. This helps you to ensure that your teeth and gums are in a proper condition, and the dentist would also guide you to take care of your teeth and gums as well.

While having unhealthy habits, it always goes unnoticed that not only does the teeth get affected but also your gums. Tooth decay is one thing, but to have the gums affected is another. Gums can get infected and it is one of the most common problems found. Gums can loosen the teeth and lose its place and shape. You would need proper guidance and help in order to treat the infection and get a complete restoration. VV Dental clinic in Kilpauk offers such help. With the most advanced technology in the medical field, they provide the most efficient help with experienced staff. They have specialized doctors for gum treatment called as periodontists, and they would take care of the surgical side to the problem and also help in skin and tissue grafting, and other periodontal services

VV Dental Hospital

VV Dental Hospital