Conventional Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Having crooked teeth or an abnormal bite can hamper your beautiful smile, but sometimes it is necessary to hamper the teeth, so you can get a celebrity smile. Orthodontic treatment provided VV dental clinic in Kilpauk to correct these malformations vary according to different needs. Most common choice is between Conventional braces and Clear aligners; both these orthodontic devices provide different advantage and setbacks. If classified according to different standards your choice depends upon lifestyle, appearance, hygiene, material, comfort and price.

Conventional Braces are a little omnipotent, it could be used from the simplest to the most complex orthodontic treatment. If you are planning an orthodontic treatment for your 10-year-old kid, a conventional brace is your choice. If it’s a teen or an adult, it depends on lifestyle, if the person in question is the type who often forgets where they keep their stuff, then conventional braces again is your right option. Wearing conventional braces can make a few grown-ups feel embarrassed, about how they appear, they fear becoming target of joke among colleagues. It’s understandable, nobody likes being told that they got their mouth chained cause they speak too much. But, on the bright side conventional braces are now available in all colours and material, you can make it a fashion statement that suits you, and flash it with pride. The price of conventional brace depends on the material in most cases, clear aligners are known to be on the expensive side but depending on material and type your conventional brace can cost more than an ordinary clear aligner. The real downside for a conventional brace is hygiene and comfort. Conventional braces place limits on the type of things you eat, too firm or sticky and there is a chance that the brace may come off. It may cause irritation inside cheeks and lips, soreness on teeth due to periodic adjustment, may come-off accidently when you least expect it to or just find it irritating to have food particles getting stuck in between braces. Maintaining oral hygiene is tough with braces, brushing and flossing can become a challenge, and finally when the braces are removed the tooth is discoloured. Teeth whitening is another treatment which must be taken once the braces are removed so all the teeth appear the same.


Clear Aligner on the other hand provides both comfort and hygiene. It is removable thus, there is no fear of it coming off when you least expect it to, you can brush and floss with ease and eat all types of food without worry. Clear aligners are like spectacles, you must constantly wear it (22 hours recommended) but it can be removed and cleaned. Price of clear aligners varies according to material, the more you want to hide your clear aligner the higher the price, as it blends with your teeth becoming near invisible and fitting comfortably in your mouth. In case of conventional braces, the orthodontist tweaks the braces periodically until the teeth come in position, but clear aligners need to be replaced every session until the teeth come in position, thus the price can be on the higher side, but it can be easily replaced and you don’t have to suffer the pain of putting on conventional brace in case of loss or accident. If you are a working adult and feel the “Ugly Betty” look would affect your confidence at workplace clear aligner is your right choice. As long as the orthodontic treatment isn’t too complex you will have the choice to opt for clear aligners. If you are the type who treasures commemorative trinkets, then you can even collect your clear aligners from different sessions as a memory for your soon to be celebrity smile, that’s something you can’t do with conventional braces.