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Teeth Whitening – Bleaching

smile_designBleaching is used to make dark colored teeth lighter by use of a bleaching solution and a special light in the dental clinic.

The procedure may be done either in the dental clinic, or home bleaching kits can be purchased from the clinic and used at home.

Nothing is as alluring as brighter teeth. It will enhance the beauty of your smile and will definitely boost your confidence. Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are the secret spell that will make your teeth brighten and make it shine like an diamond.

Teeth whitening help to restore your natural teeth colour by removing the stains on your teeth whereas bleaching will enhance your teeth colour beyond its natural colour.

VV dental hospital in Kilpauk is equipped with state of the art machinery and technology to provide world class dental care at affordable prices. Our experts are highly trained and provide excellent service to improve your dental health. We assure you immediate results that are extremely visible.

Teeth whitening has 90% success rate. It is tough on you stains but definitely gentle on your teeth. The brightening effects on your teeth may last up to 5 years depending upon your habits such as drinking coffee or smoking. Teeth whitening will not white artificial filling used during dental repair.

The researches on teeth whitening and bleaching in past 5 years have been proved that it is completely safe and doesn’t have any some effects. So what else do you need? A word class Dental hospital in Anna Nagar Chennai which is highly affordable and well equipped and a treatment which will make your teeth shine like diamonds with no side effects. Come visit us and boost your confidence sky high by availing our teeth whitening and bleaching services at affordable price with latest equipment and our professional experts.

VV Dental Hospital

VV Dental Hospital