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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

root_canalIn V.V.DENTAL HOSPITAL we offer the most advance treatment modality for Root Canal treatment in a single sitting technique of a pain free treatment/procedure.

In painful teeth, where the decay is close to the nerve regular filling will not give relief. In such cases, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is done to save the tooth.

RCT is done by numbing the tooth involved by giving an injection and removing the infected nerve and cleaning the root canal and filling it.

Root Canal Treatment:

Dental checkups are very necessary in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth. It is advisable that a person has a dental checkup once in every six months. This way, the dentists and the concerned doctors can guide a person to maintain their oral cavities and other parts of the mouth. While business takes over the world, it has become very hard to maintain healthy lifestyles, proper food habits and maintenance of one’s health. Eating untimely and not washing and cleaning the mouth and brushing your teeth before going to bed and other such unattended and unhealthy habits can lead to gum problems and develop into something dangerous if not medically checked.

One of the most common problems most people face is the tooth decay. Tooth decay can be fixed at earlier stages of decay, through proper dental care and Pediatric dentist in Anna nagar. However, there are cases where the decay reaches the nerve in the tooth and the unbearable sensitivity begins. This is where the Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is necessary. With the advancement of technology and in the field of medicine, RCT has become very easy, quick and painless. Regular filling in the tooth will not be helpful in the long run and it may rotten the tooth. In order to save the tooth, RCT is done. The tooth is first numbed by putting an injection and in a while the infected nerve is removed with ease, and the tooth is cleaned and restored.

V.V. Dental Clinic in Kilpauk provides the proper dental care and checkups done by professional and experienced staff. They provide RCT along with many other treatments by experienced dentists. They provide the most advanced treatment for RCT, and in just a single appointment, the procedure will be completed.

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