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Replacement of Teeth

Dental implants are best options to replace missing tooth

teeth_replacementMissing tooth? Want to replace them without any difficulties and long-term side effects? We at VV dental hospital in Kilpauk provide the best option for missing tooth with dental implants. Dental implants are artificial ones used to replace missing teeth. It comes in all shapes and sizes and they are placed in your jaw bone which acts as a support for the prosthetic crown which is the part that is visible to us. These dental implants are basically a substitute for natural tooth roots. It is made of high-quality titanium so there will be no harmful effects.

VV dental hospital is well equipped with latest technology available in the industry to provide our customer the best in class service. We hustle to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our team of experts who have more experience and knowledge. The dental implants also have certain advantages over the traditional removal bridges. You will never identify that it is a prosthetic one. It gives a natural tooth like feeling. There will be no discomfort after the dental implant has been placed. There are no restrictions on what you can eat after the procedure. The procedure is simple here. Once the affected tooth is taken and after it heals the implant is placed according to the shape and size of the tooth. This takes around 45 minutes and it’ll take a few days to heal that is, the jaw bone will form around the implant and get attached to the bone tissues. After this the crown (the upper part) is placed. It seems simple right? So don’t worry about getting a dental implant. Replace your missing tooth and smile in a better way.

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