Metal VS Ceramic Braces Treatment

Dental Bracers

Yearning to have a celebrity like smile with neatly aligned teeth is a very reasonable wish, having crooked teeth or an irregular bite not only affects the jaw, appearance and speech but also increases the risk of suffering from a plethora of oral diseases. Its symptoms appear at a very early age and a prompt correction can help avoid some future problems. Often the importance of undergoing treatment to correct teeth alignment is grossly underestimated, assuming it to be a mere cosmetic surgery if these irregularities don’t affect daily life other than enduring minor speech difficulties or unappealing appearance. Sometimes, crooked teeth & irregular bite appear due to an accident or under influence of certain habits. Although it may seem harmless in short term it has the potential to develop into a chronic problem over the long term. In Anna Nager, V.V Dental Hospitals team of orthodontists are experts in handling such correction treatment. Utilizing up-to-date equipment’s and techniques these defects are treated on a case-by-case basis while providing appropriate options to select the material for retainers and braces according to an individual’s taste.

Metal & Ceramics rank among the most popular choice of material for braces that hospitals and clinics in and around Kilpauk prescribe. Metal braces are mostly recommended in cases of children thanks to its durability and lower price of maintenance and replacement, while adults mostly prefer the ceramic ones as it is more expensive, delicate and visually appealing. Metal braces are cheaper, sturdier and require lesser treatment time in comparison to ceramic ones, metal braces have been used to align teeth for the past 100 years. Thus, it is often recommended for those who aren’t allergic to metals, engage in strenuous activities, place emphasis on a cheaper price, care less about appearance and find brace maintenance as a daunting task.

Ceramic braces are mostly preferred among adults as they are often found to be more responsible and patient while maintaining the brace, adults also prefer ceramic brace as it blends well becoming nearly invisible in the mouth, unlike metal braces which stand-out and may cause an individual to feel embarrassed. However, ceramic braces as marginally expensive in comparison to metal ones. Treatment period for correction can last from 6 months up to 2 years, thus it is essential to make an informed decision according to individuals requirements and budget, feel free to fix an appointment with V.V. Hospital’s dentists in Anna Nagar and get yourself the celebrity smile.

Orthodontics Treatment for Kids and Teens

clear_alignersOrthodontic treatment for children and teens may vary according to the degree of severity and age.  Braces and aligners are used for kids and teens when it is necessary to straighten those crooked teeth. While Kids don’t have much of a choice, teenagers may feel reluctant & embarrassed to wear braces as it stands out whenever they smile and are more likely to opt for retainers which are less visible. An orthodontic assessment is advised for kids between 7-13 as symptoms of an irregular bite or crooked teeth being to appear at an earlier age, this is also the most optimum period as treatment is easier compared to when they grow up. Kids teeth are more malleable thus easier to provide correction, as they grow older the teeth become sturdier and less malleable.

V.V Dental Hospital ranks amongst the best dental care provider in Anna Nagar, whether in Kilpauk or in Mogappair you are welcome to drop-by our dental clinic for an assessment. Our orthodontist can help in assessing the right device for your kid or teen according to their requirement. At, V.V Dental Clinic in Kilpauk we provide a wide range of braces and aligner options to choose from, be it colour, or material get a retainer which suits them, so they can flaunt their style without feeling embarrassed. Our team of orthodontic specialist can treat patients regardless of young or old, but, if an assurance is necessary, we also have special pediatric dentists who excel at handing orthodontic cases of the young ones. Visit us as it’s our job to give your loved one a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic Retainers for Teeth

Dental Clinic in KilpaukAlthough having a perfect face or a perfect smile, may not determine success in life, it still instills a minor sense of confidence to those having it. There are various types of smiles that are used to express emotions like the happy smile, sad smile, confident smile, shy smile, amiable smile and sometimes that annoying smile. We consider all types smile to be precious, requiring protection and caring, having imperfections in it is not just a simple problem of appearance but an issue which could cause severe health implications if neglected. Proper dental care habits should be inculcated since childhood, to avoid future oral health issues.

Having an imperfect or crooked tooth can leave a shadow in one’s confidence, though these issues generally appear in childhood once milk teeth fall, it can also appear in adults under special circumstances like an accident. Age shouldn’t be a barrier to opt for availing treatment of these malformations. At V.V Dental Clinic in Kilpauk with a team of some of the best dentists in Anna Nagar, we provide treatment for both adults and children, so they can retain a smile free from these imperfections.

Fix an appointment or walk-in to our dental clinic in Kilpauk and have some of the best dentists & pediatric dentists in Anna Nagar to install retainers to correct your or your child’s misaligned teeth. Depending on the need, a fixed or a removable retainer would be prescribed for treatment, the retainer is made using either plastic or metal and prices vary depending on the material. Constant care, proper maintenance and frequent use of retainer are necessary to bring teeth to its proper position. For a removable retainer, precautions must be taken to avoid damages from improper handling & storage and avoid misplacing it when removed. Clean it regularly and only remove when necessary like when involved in intense physical activity, eating or brushing the teeth. For fixed retainers maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance, proper brushing and flossing is necessary since it is easy for food particles to get trapped between teeth and retainer. Fixed retainers can sometimes work loose or get damaged accidentally but our best dentists & pediatric dentists in Anna Nagar are here to fix it when necessary. Once installed it is necessary to drop-by at our dental hospital in Kilpauk periodically at a fixed interval till the teeth get aligned perfectly for both fixed and removable retainers.